InnoGames implements the colonial age to Forge Empires

InnoGames has implemented the colonial age to Forge Empires. With the new era players advance more beyond the middle ages, being able to access new technologies, units, buildings, and 54 new history missions.

Players will be fighting pirates, trading foreign goods, founding colonies and challenging stronger enemies than ever before. Technologies and achievements like exploration, industrial goods and maritime warfare are included in the update, as well as a bonus area for ambitious players. There, rewards, like goods, units, medals and diamonds can be earned by conquering especially challenging provinces.

In this colonial-era players may build monuments as the Colosseum, Angkor Wat, or Notre Dame, and meet leaders as Louis XXI or Sophie Antoinette. InnoGames is already working on new eras that will bring the game to the current era and beyond.

The update will soon follow on other markets, including Germany and France.

Source of information: Innogames press release

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