Halloween 2017 events in MMOs

Halloween 2017 events in MMOs

As every year Halloween is the opportunity for online games to propose a profusion of thematic events. We have compiled for you the most remarkable Halloween events so that you can choose yours!


Aeria Games

Twin Saga

The Haunted Asylum bring a series of events where participants will be able to win some special Halloween rewrds chosen by the GameSages and approved by the GameMasters. These mission based events give players the option to complete just one or all of them, with extra rewards for completing them all. The three main missions will all revolve around the Haunted Asylum and run at different times, starting from October 14th to November 1st.



Grand Fantasia

From October 25th to November 7th Gamesage “rikumiku23” is running a screenshot competition on the forum for players to take the creepiest and spookiest image from anywhere in the game. Each day there are three winners who can win five magic alchemy clays, as well as two GM wish titles that are raffled off on October 31st.



Aura Kingdom

There are two new Halloween events in the game from the new patch beginning in Crescent Hill that allow players to win Scary Pumpkin Candy Boxes and Halloween Pumpkin Fitness Packs, which contain random items and special Halloween Medals that can be traded for Halloween themed housing items!




The dead have begun to stir and rise from their graves and a zombie invasion is on the way (all the way up to November 10th!) In this event zombies and other bosses will begin to appear across the PVP maps every few hours, as well as bosses ranging from PVP 15, 30, 60 and 80. Players will be able to earn rewards as well as take advantage of Costume +20 and Pet +20 rewards including spooky vampire costume and Mad Dog pet (these will be removed from the game after the Halloween event ends).



Eden Eternal, Wolfteam & Shaiya

There’s a whole bunch of spooky unique special offers available to buy in the shops, ranging from a mysterious Cheshire cat legendary mystery box, to various costumes and equipment to equip to your characters. Wolfteam is giving players the chance to transmute characters into a new permanent Halloween Character for a short period of time.




Forge of Empires

Jack O Lantern is back and now players can find out the origins of this Halloween quest giver. In his questline players can learn where he came from and earn a bunch of rewards in the process, including two new avatars and new Halloween buildings. The first special reward in the series is an upgradeable Graveyard, but complete all the quests before the event ends and players can earn a Black Tower residential building that gives them metals, forget points and goods. This even runs from October 19th to November 2nd.




Lord Pumpkin is back and has the support of some evil Witches! He’s only gone and unsealed the unholy codex, a dark grimoire of evil that can manipulate space and time! With assistance from an ill-humoured companion, Crash, you have some assistance to battle back the army of the undead and are able to earn two new creepy buildings!



Tribal Wars 2

Running from 26th October to 2nd November players can show off their archery skills in turn for great rewards! Each day players can shoot an arrow at a new wheel of prizes hosted by the lovely Gwendoline. Players get one shot for free every day at their desired prize, and can then pay for additional shots, but can only get an item once unless they pay to refill the wheel. The first shot costs 20 Crowns and each following shot increases the price by another 30 crowns, Refills cost 40 Crowns and following refills cost double the previous one.





Heroes Evolved

Up until the 1st November players can collect skins for their favourite Heroes such as a “Be-Witching” skin for Saya, a Red Ridinghood Wolf skin for Woldram, and more. Players will be able to earn extra EP (Event Points) for all wins on their maps and trade them in for boosters, hero contracts and free skins, as well as some unique leaderboard rank rewards. Furthermore for “All Heroes Eve” players can access all the heroes for free on the 31st of Octover to try champions they haven’t had a chance to.



Crystal Saga 2

Through their Facebook page Crystal Saga 2 is encouraging players to take a Halloween themed screenshot of their characters, and edit them however they like. The event runs until November 2nd with winners announced on the third. There are also a range of top-up rewards available during the festive period!



Wartune, League of Angels

A variety of loot boxes, cosmetic items and gift packs are available for a limited time during the holiday season. Wartune will see a spooky scarecrow Invasion that are attacking Starglade for a chance at unique rewards. Players can also receive Pumpkin Seeds from Starglade’s Quartermaster to plant and harvest pumpkins that can be traded in for Pumpkin packs (runs until November 1st)




World of Tanks

From October 27th the ghoulish tank Leviathan, ruler of the armored afterlife, has risen from the underworld and is attempting to invade the realm of the living. To stop him are two multi-turreted event tanks: Franken the devastating long-range sniper, and Stein the thick-skinned heavy armor. Players will get access to both Franken and Stein for free from October 27th and can face Leviathan’s forces in a PVE mode, or battle against other players in a 15 v 15 PVP mode. This is exclusive to the PC with the Console version having its own Monsterous event.



World of Warships

Part II of the ongoing steampunk era story-arc sees the battle of good vs evil. Titled “A Sunray Through the Dark” we see the players take charge of one of four unique vessels in this PVE orientated Operation. As the ship named Transylvania and her allies return from a portal, they bring with them some dark pursuers, who in turn carry a rolling fog of Filth with them. The corrupted mist heals these monstrous ships and harms players, players are tasked with defending their Arcane Towers that will close this portal before the Filth spreads and consumes everything! Defend the towers and earn Halloween Pumpkin Containers for every Star earned in the Operation and pick up some powerful and unique rewards!





Drakensang Online

A community driven servers event being tracked on Facebook, as players complete tasks and saving souls with equipped costumes in game, the event progress bar fills up and unlocks new rewards. The game is also running a number of Halloween themed giveaways with costumes through their other social media.




With an all new raid map, Soul Chaser, you are plagued with nightmares of an ancient dread, and William Bloodaxe begs for your help to help find both him and Loreena Barret on the haunted high seas! Battle through spooky maps, against spooky vessels, and earn some spooky rewards up to November 7th!




The farm building MMO will see a variety of events over the Halloween period including the Halloween Fairy Tale where player must deliver venom bulbs to the fair tree to unlock more fields and fairy dens, collect moonlight herbs (an event plant) and more to brew a magical meals and also make donations to Kitty’s Cauldron to upgrade fairy dens for more rewards. There is also a spooky advent calendar to gain new Halloween rewards and more every day!






During this spooktacular event players will try to earn Cubes of Doom, coming in eight different levels ranging from Regular to Fiendish, when opening a cube it can either grant a reward (treat) or contain a Cube of a higher level (trick), with higher level cubes offering the best treats! Cubes are earned through various dungeons as loot drops, or can be purchased directly from the Tera story during the event. Players can earn valuable rewards such as liberation scrolls, mummy bandages costumes, and powerful new Phoenix Skills!




The Great Pumpkin King has stolen all the pupkins that the Canday Galaxy Corporation intended to use for a festive pupkin ghoulash for the people of Atreia! Help the Corporation get them back and they will be rewarded handsomely! The main event quest is a level 65+ hunt to gather as many pumpkins as possible, the more you earn the better the rewards as well as special bundles as well as Candy Blasts (the only thing that can harm the pumpkin kings). Pumpkin King’s Haunt will end November 8th.

Lower level players can benefit from a Spooky Coffin mini-event where they must light candles in the correct order across the capital cities to spawn an Elegant Coffin which grants a 400% EXP boost and a 100% drop boost. Along with this the game has a variety of unique festive cosmetics and items available in the shop.



Runes of Magic

Players will be able to receive a variety of buffs, boosts, rewards and discounts during the festive period to help them overcome some of the games toughest areas and bosses whilst earning additional treats for their efforts!




Star Stable

From October 25th players get to help the unsettled ghosts of Jorvik pass safely to the other side. By speaking to Mrs Holdsworth, the kind old lady who looks after these lost souls, she’ll teach you how to help put these ghosts to rest (and get rewarded for it!). There are 29 lost ghosts for the event, which runs until November 8th. Players can also enjoy a variety of Halloween fashion items from the Halloween store such as skeleton suits and vampire jackets, they can experience a cool ghostly mini game playing with ghosts in Silverglad Castle, and also find a number of mini themed quests around the island!




Khan Wars

A new event quest-line has players cities haunted by spooky pumpkin heads and players have to solve some exciting missions, completing 10 tasks within the 7-day event period to earn a variety of prizes. Get rewarded with a set of units, additional gold, iron, wood and food resources, special items for your knight, and 25% discount on gold throughout the period! Answer the questions correctly and answer all 10 questions before the event is over!



Imperia Online

Starting on October 27th players will dress their soldiers in Halloween fashion costumes and send them to all the Barbarian Camps trick or treating. Chances are most Barbarians won’t want to give players any treats, so that leaves the “frontal assault and total annihilation” trick! Get points for all the camps defeated and earn Halloween medals in the process.



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