Grand Fantasia

Grand Fantasia

Developed by X-Legend Entertainment for Windows.


Set in a vast fantasy world Grand Fantasia is a free-to-play MMORPG that gives players a number of intriguing and unique features such as sprite and character customization, a branched class system and a romance system. As well as this there are the typical staples expected of any MMO; crafting, mounts, full guild management and social tools and  number of PvP and PvE systems including dungeons and region world bosses.


-       Venture into the world of Saphael; quest throughout various regions and level up your character, gather companions to share your journey and together tackle some of the challenging dungeons available.

-       Sprite Companions; customize your own sprite companion who will join you in your adventure, harvest materials and craft whatever armor and weapons you may need.

-       Branched Class Trees; starting out as a Novice you will progress into one of the four available classes and specializing further at level five, fifteen and thirty to choose from a total of eight different classes. Not only that but with the Alternate Advancement System you can customize your character even more!

-       PvP; fast paced and exciting test your skills against other player in one on one duels or upon the battlefield in fifteen-a-side skirmishes.

-       Player Mounts; with a number of different mounts, each with their own requirements to gain and ride them, arrive in style to wherever your adventure takes you.

-       Guilds; have full accessibility to your guild with customizable rank titles, guild skills and special quests and watch your group grows in number and reputation.

-       Auction House; the Auction Houses can be found in all the main cities within the game and here players can post their items for sale to the general public without having to do so in person, making trading between players considerably quicker and easier.


With the press of a keystroke a player can see what their current Titles and more importantly your Reputation score; an important feature that is used for purchasing special items such as Sprite items, player mounts, crafting materials and books. In your History tab you are able to track your quests to see active and finished quests and also the amount of reputation that will be earned in their completion.


More than just a passive companion a Sprite is central to gathering rare and powerful equipment, they give bonuses to battle, gather resource materials and can even craft items for you in including armor (helmets, chests, gloves, leggings and boots) and also weapons (one handed, two handed or even weapons for other classes). Different Sprites can particularly benefit a particular class, so choose your companion wisely.


-       Archmages: A magical and powerful spellcaster

-       Darkstalkers: Stealth and sneakiness combined with dual-wielding destruction

-       Demonologists: A dark necromancer able to raise and command the undead

-       Mystics: An animal shapeshifter, able to turn into a wolf, gorilla or bird

-       Prophets: Calling upon the gods to heal their allies and smite their foes

-       Sharpshooters: Long ranged and deadly

-       Templars: A melee fighter whose benefit is in their versatility

-       Warlords: Powerful and destructive melee fighters


OS Windows (R) 98/XP/2000/Vista
CPU  2.4 GHz Intel Pentium 4
Memory  512 MB
HD  2 GB
Video  nVidia GeForce FX 5200 or ATI Radeon 9600
DirectX 9.0c compatible sound card


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