Heroes Evolved

Heroes Evolved


This lightweight MOBA only takes up 35mb on your system but provides an exciting feature packed title with detailed 3D graphics, over 50 playable heroes and multiple game modes. Completely free to play, Heroes Evolved is a classic multiplayer online battle arena using three lane maps, a character customization glyph system and has both ranked and unranked play. Moba Free to Play.


- 55+ Heroes to play as
- Two map modes available
- Glyph/Jewel system to customize your hero
- Detailed in-match shop filled with items
- Classic 3 lane MOBA gameplay
- Fun strategic combat
- Detailed graphics
- 35MB mini-client
- Free to play


The game follows a very traditional route for the MOBA genre when it comes to style, features, combat and general gameplay. Players can select one of the many heroes going into a match and then face a 5v5 battle to try and destroy the enemy’s base structure to win the game. To do this each team will fight through wave after wave of AI controlled minions, killing them to earn gold, and using your own minions to soak shots from powerful enemy tower defenses.

There are three lanes that each team must try to dominate, separated with jungle areas that conceal a number of camps; destroying camps grants gold as well as some buffs from the more powerful boss camps. Players will move their character using the mouse clicks and use their abilities bound to the QWER keys as with other classic MOBA.


There are 59 heroes that can be played, with more that will be added as the game progresses, every hero has their own skills that define their role and how they should be played, from pusher, carry, nuker and more as well as being broken down by three primary stats: Strength, Agility and Intelligence. Some of the heroes in the game include:

Elvira – A ranged nuker that pushes lanes. She can transform into a bloodthirsty bat and attack enemies in a straight line, whilst a bat she is immune to all attacks, or she can use her Crimson Abyss ultimate that allows her to teleport to her original position and dealing magic damage to all enemies in the vicinity

Bombom – A giant fighting panda he focuses on physical damage only and is a durable melee support, he can use his seven-fisted punch ability to strike the enemy and interrupt them whilst damaging all enemies within range for 50% of the damage

Lulu – A cutesy little girl in a weird giraffe type costume she is a melee disabler that can take more damage than you think, her Head Bop ability has her headbutt enemy targets that can harm, slow and stun them

Some heroes can be played for free each week, with the rotation constantly changing as to who is free to play, however, by earning currency players are able to purchase their preferred heroes so that they always have access to them alternatively they can spend real cash to recharge and gain gems to buy their favourite heroes.


One of the key features in the game is killing minions and enemy players, trying to get the last hit so that the player will earn some gold. With enough gold players can teleport back to their base and access the shop and purchase a large variety of items. Some items are single use consumables, like heal potions, others are gear that are bought and used for the duration of the match and increase various attributes and traits of a character; certain items when combined can unlock a more powerful item to make the hero even stronger.


Each player has their own independent Glyph tree, here they unlock different Glyph slots by levelling up their account that, when filled with a Jewel, will grant the player bonuses in their games such as dealing extra damage when attacking buildings or increasing the effect of HP potions. To gain these benefits players must equip a Jewel, which themselves have bonuses, into an empty Glyph socket, though each Glyph has a Jewel level requirement to determine which jewels can be placed there; players can combine low level jewels to make more powerful ones.

GENRE: Free to play MOBA






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  1. Andy February 12, 2021 at 10:37 PM -

    Please do something about my account, i had a high level one on Android but i cant use it with my new IOS phone, and i tried starting a new account but i only get matched against bots since there maybe are not enough people in the IOS server, so please at least combine those servers so that i can use my android account with my IOS

  2. Administrator February 13, 2021 at 5:17 PM -

    Will be the best solution Andy, but please contact to the game support

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