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  • Heroes Evolved Adds a Spectator Mode and a New Tutorial
  •   R2Games' free to play MOBA, Heroes Evolved, has received a series of updates introducing improved server functionality, a clan system, a revamped tutorial, a spectator mode, a recording feature and several new languages. The new tutorial provides players with a complete introduction...
  • Halloween Update for Heroes Evolved
  •   Heroes Evolved receives today a new content update introducing five new playable heroes, new skins, Halloween-themed events, a new user interface and the possibility to sign up for the first global tournament. Players will find that the new user interface is more user-friendly,...
  • First Impressions on Heroes Evolved
  • We recently checked out Heroes Evolved from R2Games, a new fantasy MOBA in which players get to fight in team based 5 vs 5 matches, push waves of minions down a three land map, battle past enemy towers and smash the main core structure in the enemy base all whilst the rival team are trying...


One Comment - "First Impressions on Heroes Evolved"

  1. Missy 24/04/2017 at 13:58 -

    You forgot the racial comments the fact that young children play this game which is concerning no safety in place the game could attract groomers as it connected to facebook, new players not getting chance to play, the fairness of matching is disastrous as many players have paid to get strong, secondly the lag in some mat changes is awful and also they have only one server so that everyone piling onto that server causes the game too jitter and many die, also the gliph system non existent why it’s there I don’t know, there’s no reporting system, the bot matches don’t match either the players there’s no hard, easy to use or normal mode, no events but only for paying customers , no guild and game bad playing on a Android.