Heroes Evolved Review

Heroes Evolved Review - Heroes Evolved MOBA
Heroes Evolved Review

We took another look at R2 Games cross-platform MOBA, Heroes Evolved, a free to play classic MOBA title where players can duke it out in a three lane push using dozens of different heroes. Having not checked the game we originally did our first look we thought we’d jump back in and have another go at the game and show it off to you guys. The game is now fully accessible on PC through Windows client or Steam platform download, as well as on mobile devices for iOS and Android, allowing players to beat up their rivals on the go!

For our game we looked through some of the current Heroes on free rotation (which get cycled out every week for new Heroes giving players the chance to try before they buy). From just this small selection there were a few cool looking characters, and more than a few that looks very familiar from other IPs (particularly World of Warcraft) as far as character concepts go. Still, when it comes to Heroes Evolved one of the things we aren’t expecting is complete originality as the game itself is a very close copy of League of Legends, but has full mobile accessibility.

Heroes Evolved Review 1/2

Having forgone the tutorial this time round we were confident in our knowledge of how LoL works that we’d be able to work out the mechanics and combat features. Last hitting for gold, purchasing items from the in game shop, pushing waves of minions to take down lane towers, upgrading skills as we levelled up, and a classic lane phase portion of gameplay (oh the lane phase). There wasn’t much that was so unfamiliar that we couldn’t work out how to just play the game.

We jumped into a single player PVP game on the Valley of War map (one of two maps available to us, that promised a shorter 15 – 30 minute average map time due to a single lane match), but after a queue time that exceeded 10 minutes we switched to the Altar of Strife mode (30 – 40 minute game length 3 lane map). With the queuing from the previous game and the proposed match time this was pushing our single game into an hour long session, which was a little frustrating.

The queue for the Altar of Strife triggered after less than a minute, so things looked hopeful as we glanced over our characters and opted for the flying gnome in a plane called Vince. The match started up and we took a glance at our team mates and enemies and then got a flashback and a sinking feeling. There was no doubt that we had been discreetly thrown into a bot game, and we recalled back to our first ever look with the game where we had, almost verbatim, the same experience. From our previous review:

“This unfortunately wasn’t a one off and trying the game at different times resulted in the same lack of PVP, oddly the second single lane map “Valley of War” does let you sit in the queue endlessly with no one joining to play it.”

“So onto the Solo mode to be “matched against players of your skill level”, a little more exciting and the potential for some actual 5v5 gameplay. Nope. After a really quick loading time it just threw us into a 2v1 bot game without even an indication that it was going to do this, whether there’s no players of our skill level or just no one playing (which seems more accurate regardless of what time we checked the game out) throwing us into a game we didn’t want to play is just not a good idea.”

Heroes Evolved Review 2/2

So whilst the game has been released on Steam and it is now available on mobile devices, it does seem like the queuing and matchmaking for new players is broken, or drastically hindered. The match itself that we experienced was boring and showed the same unintelligent AI and lack of control over them that resulted in them never following us or helping finish off nearby objectives, or simply WIN the game when promoting them, instead they would just cycle to whichever lane seemed to need the most help to push back enemy waves. AI sitting under turrets and getting blasted, or sticking in combat until they were nearly dead and trying to run with <10% health was the norm, even an enemy AI trying to teleport back to base in the middle of lane and being finished off by our minions.

If it wasn’t for the fact that the game can be played on Mobile, and once you actually get past the AI shenanigans, we dare say there’s a good title there to enjoy. Yes it’s pretty much League of Legends, and each player can make of that what they will, but if you want a mobile LoL experience then Heroes Evolved can provide that.

More info about Heroes Evolved here in F2P.com

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