Aura Kingdom

Aura Kingdom

Aura Kingdom is a majestic new MMORPG that features state-of-the-art graphics and a detailed anime art style to depict a sprawling fantasy world for players to journey through. They will be accompanied by faithful interactive companions able to evolve and give support in battle. The game moreover offers eight classes to choose from, a dynamic action combat system, and elaborate skill trees.


-   rich and detailed fantasy world
-   wide selection of interactive companions
-   dynamic and fast-paced action combat
-   lots of customisation options regarding abilities and weapons
-   unprecedented mobility
-   stunning anime styled graphics
-   completely free-to-play


The vast and vibrant fantasy world in Aura Kingdom is illustrated in highly detailed anime styled graphics. Players will traverse beautiful landscapes and charming towns, meeting its inhabitants while exploring mysterious dungeons and climbing massive towers.


Rather than a usual class system, the game presents one based on the weapon players may select, resulting in eight classes to choose from. Each weapon provides certain skills that are unlocked automatically step by step upon reaching higher levels. With every new level, players are also able to put points into a passive skill tree that differs between classes. Reaching level 40 allows players to opt for a sub weapon class to wear another weapon to switch to.

Currently available are the following weapons: sword & shield, axe, staff, harp, dual daggers, dual pistols, grimoire, and cannon.


Customisation in game is not limited to hair styles, costumes and accessories, but also allows adapting characters regarding their abilities and weapons. Players can choose which of their many abilities to power up to suit their play style, and change them around quickly and freely. They are encouraged to experiment with different setups often, as the right approach can mean the difference between victory and defeat.

Aura Kingdom does not present the common stats, but attack and defence points instead. Attacks points can be used to improve the character’s attack to inflict a larger amount of damage, and to increase the attack speed as well the chance to land a critical hit. Defence points can be employed to increase health, health regeneration and the chance to avoid an attack, as well as to reduce the amount of damage received.


Companions in Aura Kingdom are far more than usual pets and an integral part of the experience. They can go on errands, grow more formidable over time and gain powerful combat abilities, enabling them to join the player in spectacular combo attacks. Maintaining detailed memories of their past adventures and exploits, they even have the ability to carry on unique conversations pertaining to each individual player.


The game gives players unprecedented mobility both in combat and out, offering unique movement techniques to traverse the terrain. Players may utilise double-jumps to scale heights and glide forward through the air at high speed to cover ground faster than they ever thought possible. Even for low level players, it’s already possible to climb on the back of an extensive array of mounts.


Players are able to take advantage of their mobility in combat as well, which allows for fast-paced and fluid battles. Position and quick thinking will enable them to dodge enemy attacks and stay on their feet. They can call in their companion to join them, granting access to powerful new abilities and spectacular combo attacks.



Developer: X-Legend Entertainment
Platform: Windows


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