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Hacksaw Ridge Heroes & Generals


Free to play MMOFPS Heroes & Generals and the World War II movie Hacksaw Ridge have created a cross-promotion pack that allows players in the U.S. to order an exclusive Steam bundle featuring a digital copy of the movie and a Heroes & Generals medic pack, which includes 14-day veteran membership, a medkit and five medic ribbon boosters.

“Hacksaw Ridge is a great story about how one man’s actions and courage can make a difference in war – something that is also very key to Heroes & Generals,” said Jacob Andersen, game director at Reto-Moto. “The uniqueness of Steam as an entertainment platform for both PC games and movies makes it possible for us and the visionary team at Lionsgate to partner up for this exclusive bundle featuring the film and special in-game content.”

Those who live outside the U.S. can purchase the medic pack as an standalone DLC. The medkit, which allows players to heal themselves and their teammates, and the medic ribbon booster will be available in-game on March 21.

Hacksaw Ridge Heroes & Generals Hacksaw Ridge Heroes & Generals.

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