War Thunder

War Thunder


PC & Mac


Gaijin Entertainment


Fighting with and against players from across the globe, War Thunder is a combat MMO set in World War II where vast armies took to the ground, sea and skies in massive historical battles.

War Thunder has a number of game modes which give the player a truly versatile game experience. Players can gain experience in the Instant Action basic mode and can unlock new aircraft and improve their crew skills. A four player coop mode with a dynamic campaign is available where as a group you can influence the war and change the course of history (for better or worse!). There is also a historical campaign and standalone missions, and for the creative types a fully-fledged mission editor to construct your ideal missions. Finally a sandbox mode enables players to try out all the games available planes and combat modes and also facilitates players creating private matches with their own rules and limits.


  • Personalized aviation experience with hundreds of models of planes using details cockpits

  • Upgrade weapons and improve your flying skills with missions

  • Various PvP modes and massive combat missions

  • Coop mode allows players to fight alongside each other

  • Fantastic graphics and atmospheric sound effects and music


Currently featuring over 100 playable aircrafts from the various armies of World War II (USA, UK, USSR, Japan, Germany, Italy and Australia) with plans to add even more at release. The available aircraft fall into one of four classes; Ground Attackers, Fighters, Bombers and Torpedo Bombers.

  • Ground Attackers: responsible for taking out infantry, tanks and land targets

  • Fighters: Fast and versatile; ideal for air-to-air combat but can be used in ground assault and bombing runs.

  • Bombers: Vast destruction rained from above, taking out enemy facilities and personnel on land or sea.

  • Torpedo Bombers: Coming in low and slow, with their dangerous manoeuvre comes great reward as a truly devastating bombing run can wipe out its target.


War Thunder features a dynamic and complex system for tracking damage, where even a single, accurate shot can take out certain key functions and components on an aircraft and even so far as to hinder an airplanes manoeuvrability, or a shot at a fuel tank can to the plane into a fireball. With a number of vital mechanics on the plane there are equally a number of different factors and problems that can be inflicted with an accurate or lucky shot, however, those with a keen eye may not even aim for the plane, but instead can try to target the cockpit and take out the pilot instead!


Offering a flexible control system War Thunder is ideal for inexperienced pilots who have never played this type of game to those who already have battle experience, creating a realistic flight simulator for all types of players. As well as these customizable systems and settings, players can use a virtual instructor to assist them and can play with mouse and keyboard, joystick or a gamepad to control their planes.


A wide selection of views are available to players, a combination of intuitive control of your plane and convenient ways to view the aircraft whilst in combat; the different views are determined by the type of plane:

  • Gunners: Whilst controlling the plan the guns are set to automatic, however, a player can choose to take full control over the weapons to defend their bomber against fighter planes.

  • Bombsight: Used from a high altitude for accurate targeting of your mark

  • Tracking the Bomb: This option allows the player to ride the bomb all the way to its target!

  • Cockpit View: In each cockpit the layout and look is designed to spec of real world planes for a realistic feel

  • Third Person: Helpful for beginners first learning to fly, the player has a higher viewing range and can track the damage taken, see where enemy fire is coming from and also helps land the plane more safely.




4 Comments - "War Thunder"

  1. Fredy January 15, 2013 at 6:00 PM -

    Been playing this since closed Beta and tbh one of the best games im currently playing for a F2P game it has amazing amounts of content with mroe to come so i woudl deffinatly suggest playign it.

  2. DrasticMeasure June 17, 2014 at 8:44 PM -

    F2P,P2W Good luck flying against those that have paid for fully outfitted aircraft. Researching to upgrade f2p aircraft takes to long and you can only research one item at a time. The maps are few so you end up playing the same maps over and over. In Arcade mode your mission is to destroy enemy bases and ground units, tanks, etc. However, it becomes clear that most of your team mates have no interest in doing either shortly after the mission starts. So you end up hearing, ” We’ve suffered a defeat ” again and again. If you’re looking for something to just kill time with it’s ok. If you’re looking for something to really have some fun with this isn’t it.

  3. Snusnu April 18, 2017 at 1:51 PM -

    Fun game, takes a lot of time tho. This game includes right now tanks also and has a really large tech-tree to research. Also you can choose different play styles, Arcade Mode is easy to learn while realistic battles are really hard (at last for me as a novice)

  4. Khokan Roy July 25, 2020 at 8:59 AM -


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