DarkOrbit Reloaded

DarkOrbit Reloaded

DarkOrbit, is free to play space strategy MMO puts players in the cockpit of their own person starship as a mercenary working for one of the three main Companies in the game: Mars Mining Operations, Venus Resources Unlimited and Earth Industries Corporation. The game revolves around PVE and PVP focused content in a story driven narrative with dozens of maps to explore, enemies to battle and resources to gather. Dark Orbit Reloaded can be played through your web browser, however, with its new 3D engine upgrade players that have low spec computers are still able to play in the original 2D mode now on 3D Game.


  • New 3D graphics engine redesign

  • Unique ships to earn

  • Fight enemies; both players and alien invaders

  • Collect resources to sell, trade and use for crafting

  • Create your own ship and item upgrades

  • Various PVP modes

  • Free to play

  • Browser gameplay


The core of the game revolves around taking missions from your faction and tackling the various challenges in the game, from smaller quest enemies found around the world to larger world bosses, PVE events and even PVP game modes. Players will earn credits, XP and other resources to purchase a variety of different spaceships to suit their playstyle then upgrade them with different weapons, shields, engines and more through the in depth crafting system.


The new revamp with Dark Orbit Reloaded is the new 3D graphics, now instead of the traditional 2D graphics players previously experienced they will instead get a lot more visual immersion with the new ship and structure models as they fly around space. Whilst this hasn’t changed the core of the gameplay and players still only experience a top down isometric viewpoint, the 3D enhancements create a greater sense of depth as well as some of the internal workings creating overall performance improvements for players.


Players have 11 different ships to choose from, providing they have unlocked them. Getting access to new ships requires players to earn in game Credits or the Uridium premium currency and purchase them. Each ship has its own unique stats based on its speed, durability, firepower and more, allowing for different styles of play that suit each individual player.

As well as choosing their main ship players can also customize them with numerous items and components to support them in battle including lasers, rockets, shield generators, engine boosts and more. Furthermore these individual items can be upgraded using the players own Skylab; a structure that refines any ore that players may collect on their travels that is used to upgrade weapons, but so too can the Skylab be upgraded to make it even more efficient for the player.

Finally players can collect disk-logs that, when enough have been gathered, are converted into Pilot Points that allow players to customize their actual character (not their ship) by unlocking various new skills in the skill tree. Players have a total of 50 Pilot Points that they can collect and disk-logs drop from various locations such as killing world bosses, but can also be purchased with Uridium that has been acquired in game or bought with real cash.


Some of the different PVE events in the game:

  • Invasion Gate – A Company event where a gate opens up in the middle of the map, the goal being to see which Company can kill the most NPCs as enemies begin to appear from it

  • Infiltration – This game mode has players hunting down cloaked aliens that spawn randomly across different maps; players must locate, uncloak and destroy the sneaky Aliens


There’s a variety of PVP modes that players can experience if they wish, including:

  • Team Deathmatch – This pits Company against company in a timed battle, all out warfare with the ultimate objective of trying to get the highest score before the time runs out

  • Sector Control – A point capture game in a unique map, players must battle together in the Company to fight for control of various areas to claim victory

  • Scoremageddon – Players start with typically 5 lives and must fight against each other in a grand battle that includes everyone on the server; whilst players have lives they are worth points to other players; players build up combos by getting more kills


Web Browser

GENRE: Free to play Space MMO


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