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DarkOrbit Videos

  • DarkOrbit Galactic Strife Event
  • DarkOrbit Galactic Strife Event BigPoint publisher for Dark Orbit Reloaded presents the Galactic Strife event for DarkOrbit. Galactic Strife event start April 15th and end on April 28th It's time for an all-out PvP battle! Battle and win to gain Reputation, climb the ranks and get...
  • DarkOrbit Free Starter Pack
  • DarkOrbit Free Starter Pack Bigpoint and F2P.com offer this nice Starter Pack Giveaway for all the new users for DarkOrbit Reloaded packages to new users and those who registered through our "Play" button link. Launch into space and engage in a relentless battle against millions of real...
  • DarkOrbit Reloaded, a point-and-click space shooter MMO
  • to play browser game DarkOrbit Reloaded, the point-and-click space shooter MMO “sequel” from BigPoint. The game isn’t so much a sequel but more a revamp of the original title, dining out some problems and features that really were appealing to the original DarkOrbit community. Taking...


3 Comments - "DarkOrbit Reloaded, a point-and-click space shooter MMO"

  1. Valentine February 25, 2014 at 6:33 PM -

    Looks like Lock & Load game

  2. Support_is_Awful May 6, 2015 at 4:31 AM -

    The game is fun but the game is buggy. At some point you will send in a support request. More often than not, you will get Kara Flor.

    If that happens, all hope is lost. She is the soup nazi from Seinfeld. Any request, no matter how small, will be met with “it is not possible to do that”. She’s lying. If the support request goes on for more than a week, she’ll turn it on you and say that you were trying to get away with something and she was trying to help you.

    Unless it is Bigpoint’s goal to drive players away from Dark Orbit, Kara Flor is the most abusive and useless online support person in the history of the world.

  3. Shurhand June 24, 2015 at 11:31 AM -

    Lagged, expensive, full of cheaters, bots, bad suppport, etc… dont play, dont waste your time and money.