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  • DarkOrbit Hitac Assault event
  • DarkOrbit Hitac Assault event BigPoint publisher for Dark Orbit Reloaded presents Hitac Assault evet for Dark Orbit. The Hitac Assaoult event for DarkOrbit start on August 8th and end on August 27th Prepare yourselves once more for the return of the Hitac invasion! Defeat these dreaded...
  • DarkOrbit Reloaded, a point-and-click space shooter MMO
  • to play browser game DarkOrbit Reloaded, the point-and-click space shooter MMO “sequel” from BigPoint. The game isn’t so much a sequel but more a revamp of the original title, dining out some problems and features that really were appealing to the original DarkOrbit community. Taking...
  • First Impressions on DarkOrbit Reloaded
  • First Impressions on DarkOrbit Reloaded - Recently we checked out Bigpoint’s point and click browser space MMO DarkOrbit Reloaded, a free to play title where players can battle it out with one another in various PVP matches as part of three rival companies. For this playthrough we took a...


2 Comments - "First Impressions on DarkOrbit Reloaded"

  1. James September 9, 2018 at 11:30 PM -

    Im sorry,but I play this game and have been since it first started.Over the years the game was fun at one time,but now if you do not spend allot of $$$ you will get nowhere for at least 1 year or more if even then.They have added more and more junk(of which you must purchase most of it with $$)that only the money players can buy.The game has become a which multi-company clans dictates to everyone what they can and can not do.The events are a total farce in that you can only participate if those clans will let you.Thus guaranteeing those clans receive all the rewards.The cheats are numerous and DO claims they are doing something about them,but it is evident that certain players get a pass when it comes to bans and penalties(in other words the $$$ players).DO claims to have a so called “Fair Play Initiative,”but this is doubtful seeing the same cheaters doing the same thing over and over again of which many players have reported to them for 5 months or more.Yet They do nothing.
    I ask-Do people really want to play a game that does nothing about the cheaters and essentially do not care if players can not participate in the game or events without being used as free kills and easy targets by the multi company clans.I think not.
    Also DO has lost so many players the last few years that they are now having to try to save the game by merging servers that they split multiple times due to an excessive number of players.Their answer is the merging of several servers in an attempt to bring back more players to the game.Still it is doubtful that that will save the game.
    DO has brought about their own demise with their wanting to do nothing but collect the money and not correct the problems.This will not save the game.I give the game maybe 12 -18 months and poof its dead.It is only i its death throws now and will not recover.

  2. ePath November 30, 2018 at 12:55 AM -

    Can’t let that James comment alone after seeing it. I tried to play DO again and i dont since… idk… years, just to see TONS of items that requieres also TONS of money to get them. to get you the picture, the amount of that were so ridiculous that made me think “wtf… maybe uridium (real money currency) is easier to get now” and ofc its not. This is actually sad to me, a game that i played so much years ago dying because of greed, lack of support, lack of balance, and a shtload of more $$ stuff. Not worth playing unless you have the money if you ask me.