DarkOrbit Gauntlet of Plutus

DarkOrbit Gauntlet of Plutus
DarkOrbit Gauntlet of Plutus

BigPoint publisher for Dark Orbit and F2P.com offer the DarkOrbit Reloaded Gauntlet of Plutus Event since 4th February, is other good opportunity to play for FREE this Space MMO Game.

Gear up and race against other pilots to defeat Plutus as fast as you can! Look out for deserter ships in the final battle - take them down to gain some bonuses. If Plutus deems you worthy enough, he might even invite you into his Trove of Riches!

Earn Battle Pass Keys and exchange them for rewards of your choice, such as the new Nobilis Berserker ship design during the Gauntlet of Plutus event! The new Nobilis Berserker P.E.T. design is also up for grabs in the event ranking.

DarkOrbit, is free to play space strategy MMO puts players in the cockpit of their own person starship as a mercenary working for one of the three main Companies in the game: Mars Mining Operations, Venus Resources Unlimited and Earth Industries Corporation. The game revolves around PVE and PVP focused content in a story driven narrative with dozens of maps to explore, enemies to battle and resources to gather. Dark Orbit Reloaded can be played through your web browser, however, with its new 3D engine upgrade players that have low spec computers are still able to play in the original 2D mode now on 3D Game.

Also introducing – the Basilisk ship! Known as the Ruinous Blight of the Stars, the Basilisk ship is now available for pilots. Fuel your systems with toxins and leave enemies in your ruinous wake.

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