DarkOrbit Treacherous Domain

DarkOrbit Treacherous Domain
DarkOrbit Treacherous Domain

BigPoint publisher for DarkOrbit and F2P.com offer the Dark Orbit Reloaded Treacherous Domain Event from tomorrow 15th June to 29th June, is other good opportunity to play for FREE this Space MMO Game.

A new threat to humanity has emerged - the Sunder Star! This persistent assailant always seems to come back stronger each time! Do your part to enter the Treacherous Domain and repel this mysterious foe to be handsomely rewarded for your efforts each day, as well as at the end of the event.

With tons of great prizes up for grabs, including the new Infiltrator Drone Design, you won’t want to miss out on DarkOrbit’s thrilling new Treacherous Domain event!

But that’s not all! Take part in the Astral Ascension Ranking Event. Make the unfamiliar spacecraft your own, show your enemies who's boss and claim great rewards including two exclusive new Rift titles!

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DarkOrbit, is free to play space strategy MMO - MMORTS - puts players in the cockpit of their own person starship as a mercenary working for one of the three main Companies in the game: Mars Mining Operations, Venus Resources Unlimited and Earth Industries Corporation. The game revolves around PVE and PVP focused content in a story driven narrative with dozens of maps to explore, enemies to battle and resources to gather. Dark Orbit Reloaded can be played through your web browser, however, with its new 3D engine upgrade players that have low spec computers are still able to play in the original 2D mode now on 3D Game.

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