Conflict of Nations Giveaway

Conflict of Nations World War 3 Giveaway
Conflict of Nations Giveaway

Bytro Labs GmbH and Dorado Games publisher of Conflcit of Nations World War III collaboration with, to bring you this FREE code Giveaway for CoNWW3;

To see if it was successfully added to your account check your premium inventory on the top right. In there you should see a High Command profile set for 92 days.

The code can only be used once, and you have until January 31st to redeem it for this Conflcit of Nations Giveaway.

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Step 2. Head to Conflict of Nations World War 3 for PC, or Conflict of Nations World War 3 for Android or Conflict of Nations World War 3 for iOS in order to signup or create an account.

Step 3. Once you are in the game, go to the game chat. Once you are there type: /redeem XXXXX-XXXXXXXX (replace XXXXX-XXXXXXXX with your code and make sure the word “/redeem” and the code are separated by a space) and press enter. Don’t worry, no one else will see what you send. After that, you should get a “Voucher successfully redeemed!” message on the chat.

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