Conflict of Nations WW3

Conflcit of Nations World War 3 - Conflcit of Nations WW3 - Conflcit of Nations Modern War


A free to play cross-platform MMO, Conflict of Nations WW3 is a modern day real time strategy game where players control their own real world nation and, in the face of a global war, seek to become the strongest world power that they can be by dominating their opponents and destroying their rivals as their influence spreads across the globe.


- Controls a nation from dozens of existing playable countries
- Complete global map broken up into hundreds of territories
- Build up your own controlled cities and manage your industry and commerce
- Field a powerful military forced made up of army, airforce and naval units
- Conduct espionage against rivals to seek out their weaknesses
- Create diplomatic relations with other nations
- Real time PVP strategy
- Track global events through the CQN News page
- Browser title, mobile devices (iOS and Android)
- Free to play


The basis of Conflcit of Nations World War 3 is for players to assume control over a single country/nation from the modern world and battle it out with AI opponents and real world players to become to dominating force in the world. The game progresses day by day with players choosing the focus of their technological development, designating tasks for their spies and military units, all working towards global domination. If a player controls enough cities, earning themselves victory points, then they will win the game and the servers are reset to begin again.

The road to victory has many paths, players can choose to be an all-out warmonger going at it alone, or find allies (permanent or temporary) to help each other out, create diplomatic relationships, and even engage in trade to help both nations prosper; with so many options the game offers an infinite amount of strategy.


Players can choose to research into various areas within the game, researching two technologies at any one time, such as unlocking various technologies that will give access to more powerful units. Each type of unit, from armor, infantry, missiles, battleships and more, have their own unique tech tree allowing a player to focus on the techs that best suit their strategy (little point for landlocked nations to research naval techs). Whilst all tech costs various resources and takes hours to complete, their availability is also locked depending upon the days since the match started, with some techs only being available on Day 5 or Day 11, etc. Meaning they can only be researched after that many real world days have passed and stopping players from making a direct advancement to more powerful techs and making a power imbalance.


All across the globe are hundreds of cities that are controlled by the AI and other rival players; each city provides various key resources and benefits to being under a players control, but most importantly they provide "Victory Points". Each city, depending upon its importance, gives a player a set number of Victory Points for being under their control; once a player controls enough cities, or enough key cities such as capitals, then they will be declared the winner.


Players must build up a powerful military capable of not only defending their own lands, but also aggressively attacking their rivals and taking over their lands. The game doesn't support passive players, to win the game a player must actively conquer or set up an Alliance with other players where their collective Victory Points will contribute to an Alliance-wide win. Units can be created and sent to attack cities or units in the field, it takes minutes, hours and even days to reach a target depending on how far away they are and then the game will determine the victor of the battle based on the attacking and defending forces numbers, unit types, buffs and also the type of terrain the fight took place in.


Intelligence and Counter-Intelligence are key aspects of the game, where players are able to spy on their enemies or protect themselves from their opponent's own agents. Spies can be sent to foreign cities and perform an instant action for instant results, or assign an agent to gather more detailed information and perform more powerful actions such as Corruption that lowers a cities morale to affect the players industry directly, or Sabotage to damage military units, infrastructures and population.

GENRE: Free to play MMORTS
PLATFORM: Web Browser, iOS and Android devices (Cross-platform MMORTS)
DEVELOPER: Bytro Labs & Dorado Games


Web Browser or iOS and Android devices

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