We are giving away 2000 starter packs for Farmerama

BigPoint with F2P.com, is celebrating starter pack giveaway for Farmerama.

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Farmerama Starter Pack:
• Seeds: 15x Wheat, 15x Carrots, 15x Lettuce, 10x Super-Grow
• Trees: 2x Apple Trees, 1x Apple Tree XXL
• Animal Housing: 2x Chicken Coops, 1x Chicken Coop XXL, 2x Rabbit Hutches, 1x Rabbit Hutch XXL
• Breeding: 10x Chicken Feed, 10x Rabbit Feed, 5x Power Feed
• Relaxation: 1x Beach Chair

Add your email in the field below the image of the promo and check your email account and follow the instructions, after that visit Farmerama, the promo is only valid for new registrations.

Follow the tutorial

Click in the top right side of the screen in the signs ? and !

Click in the face of your character.

Add the code

Click send and you will have the item

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