First Look at Farmerama

Farmerama First Look - Farmerama Review - Farmerama Gameplay video

This week we took a look at Bigpoint’s free to play browser farming MMO Farmerama. Launching three months after Zynga’s explosively popular Farmville, this similarly themed browser game has been a big success for Bigpoint and offers a farm simulation where players can grow their own crops and breed animals whilst working cooperatively with the rest of the games’ community.

For our First Look we check out some initial gameplay, break down the general mechanics and show you what you can get up to in the game. Check out our video and let us know what you think in the comments.

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Farmerama is from BigPoint is an international online gaming company that is passionate about building high-quality browser games for casual, core, and hardcore gamers. Take a look at our diverse portfolio of titles…there’s something for everyone!

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