Warframe’s Plains of Eidolon Expansion Now Available

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Warframe's Plains of Eidolon Expansion Now Available

Warframe's latest expansion, 'Plains of Eidolon', has officially launched on PC and Steam. This massive content update introduces a new open-world region, new missions, ten bosses, new weapons and armors, new items and a new character.

The new open zone offers a vast area with a day/night cycle in which up to 50 players can converge to complete missions and face different challenges. During the day, players of all levels can enjoy different mini-games, such as spearfishing. But, during the night, when giant monsters appear, only the bravest players should venture.

The expansion presents Gara as the new playable warframe. This character can manipulate glass to fight against her enemies.

PlayStation 4 and Xbox One users will have to wait until later this year, when the expansion reaches consoles.

Watch the launch trailer:

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