Warframe, First Look Gameplay Commentary


We had a little foray into the world of Warframe, the futuristic PvE co-op third person shooter where you play the part of a summoned space-ninja called to fight off an alien invasion. Literally. These guys have like katanas and stuff… it’s awesome. This was our First Look at the game and other than the odd snippets of news I’d seen here and there I’d never actually checked out the game.

First impressions? It’s sooooo fun. A lot of MMOs seem to focus on the competitive aspects, really pushing forward PvP and the like, but there’s something to be said about a co-op focused game, especially if you get the chance to play it with friends. Running around and just blasting the snot out of your enemies is great!

One of my favourite aspects of MMOs are the instance based dungeons where you grab your party, work through the area, pick up some storyline and then have a fight against a cool boss at the end… that’s pretty much what Warframe seems to be, just instance after instance after instance.

In the early missions you don’t get too much of challenge as the begin learning the ropes and capabilities of your Tenno (space ninja..), which means there wasn’t much in the way of team work and the group pretty much just split up at times doing their own thing, hunting down mobs and following a similar route towards the waypoint. However, I don’t doubt that in later missions you’re really going to need some team based strategy and communication is going to be key.

The action based combat is pretty slick, though the melee can get a little bit confusing as the camera angle changes and flare effects can disorientate you pretty quickly making you lose track of your enemy mob. Nothing, at least on default, had a floating name over it like you would see in most MMORPGs, so mobs could be hiding in corners or by the sides of doors waiting for you to enter and ambushing you.

All in all Warframe was a pretty fun experience and definitely a game I’ll be trying out away from the camera. It was fun, casual enough to pick up when I want a change of pace, but involved enough to keep me engaged in the missions. Completely free to play if you haven’t already checked the game out then it’s definitely worth giving a shot.

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