Warface Releases Operation Black Shark

Warface Releases Operation Black Shark


Warface is celebrating its third anniversary with a new content update introducing a new Special Operation: Black Shark. This mission challanges players to infiltrate a cyborg-infested skyscraper in order to bring it down. The update also introduces new achievements and weapons.

Ilya Mamontov, Director of Game Operations, said: “As we celebrate three years of Warface, we’re excited to roll out Operation Black Shark, our latest co-op PvE Special Operation. Warface has come a long way in three years and has grown and changed enormously, guided by player feedback. We’d like to thank our ever-growing community for coming along with us on this journey, and we look forward to continuing to serve them as we add content and evolve the game in the months and years ahead.”

In Operation Black Shark players will have to infiltrate a massive skyscraper in they will have to face Blackwood's finest troops, automatic turrets and a horde of cyborg warriors.

Watch the trailer:

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