Warface Releases Icebreaker Update

Warface Releases Icebreaker Update


Warface launches today 'Icebreaker', a new content update that introduces a new Special Ops mission, new weapons, new enemies, new achievements and some gameplay improvements. Check out some screenshots below.

The new co-op mission, Icebreaker, sees how the Blackwood forces launch a full attack, with experimental technologies, assault helicopters and warships, on the Warface main base. Players will have to stand their ground and survive.

Among the new weapons, players will find the M14 Crazy Horse semi-automatic rifle for the Sniper class or the PM-84 Glauberyt custom submachine gun for the Medic class.


warface-icebreaker-update-shot-4   warface-icebreaker-update-shot-2 warface-icebreaker-update-shot-5 warface-icebreaker-update-shot-6 warface-icebreaker-update-shot-7

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