War Thunder, two exclusive gameplay videos for you


Do you like War? Do you like planes? Then you should give a try to War Thunder. Check out these videos we have recorded featuring the Arcade battles and the Historic Battles mode.

First of all, it must be said that War Thunder features really astonishing graphics with authentic sound effects. It makes you feel like if you really are a pilot fighting for your country in the World War II, even if you play Arcade Battles (the easiest and most common mode). Watch the video:

Aircrafts follow the rules of aerodynamics (G-loads, spins, wind, airflows, gravity…) and, depending on the difficulty level you choose, the game can be very difficult. Nevertheless, definitely it’s difficult to master.

As you are about to see, on the Historic difficulty planes must take off and land (if it’s required), which you don't see on the Arcade mode. We have recorded a video of our experience trying to do it right.

But this one isn’t the hardest mode. Realism level increases with the difficulty and on full-real mode you can go through a real pilot experience. This mode is only recommended for veteran and experienced players though (we’ll try to bring you some videos of this difficulty mode in the future).

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