Troy Online videos

  • Troy Online: large-scale wars are coming
  • ALT1 Games has announced an update with a large-scale war system for Troy Online to be released on October 15th 2011. In this large-scale war system, users will be able to enjoy a new type of war, the invasion war, which allows players to invade the opponent’s capital city.Troy Online has...
  • Review of Troy Online Open Beta
  • Review of Troy Online Open Beta Troy Online started its Open Beta Test opening two servers, one in North America and one in Europe. As soon as the servers opened, a large number of users joined each server at the same time, however there was no trouble avoiding such a server problem which...
  • Added Troy Online to our data base
  • We have added to our data base a full profile, with information, screenshots, wallpapers and videos of Troy Online. Take a look.Screenshots | Wallpapers | Videos | Profile


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