Review of Troy Online Open Beta

Review of Troy Online Open Beta

Troy Online started its Open Beta Test opening two servers, one in North America and one in Europe.

As soon as the servers opened, a large number of users joined each server at the same time, however there was no trouble avoiding such a server problem which is the main problem of PvP MMORPG. It seems that there was also no problem with in the P.v.P. Battle systems allowing anyone above level 10 join the ranks, and fight in battles with up to 100 users at the same time.

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Many users are satisfied with graphic effect improvements from upgrading the game engine, and there is a very positive response from the upgraded War systems as well. However, Troy still needs to spread information of new contents as well as improve suggestions from users. For example, there is new map called Island of Dispute (the neutrality map of Greek and Trojan) introduced since Pre-OBT and received good feedback, but this map is not really well known between users. And difficulty of level up from the certain level should be improved.

During the OBT and before Commercial service, Troy will improve what it should be for Troy users. Even though, similar MMORPGs open around the world day by day, many users are expecting that Troy Online will become a popular MMORPG with its War systems and theme of traditional MMORPG.

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