Unveiling the Future of War Thunder

Unveiling the Future of War Thunder


Gaijin Entertainment gave us the chance to attend to a presentation at Gamescom 2014 about the future of War Thunder. We’ve been shown a presentation about what’s coming up for War Thunder, and to be honest, there are several interesting things among the list, the only issue is they will all be delivered over time so don’t expect them all to be in the next patch.

We recorded the full event, so you can watch it right here:

So let’s start shall we? New vehicles and maps, that’s always a good thing, adds variety and fun to the game, increasing the playtime till you start getting the feeling you’re always playing the same map.

A pretty unique feature the developers were excited to show was the multi-turret support, allowing players to switch between turrets and move them independently, adding a new layer of complexity and versatility to the game.

Next thing coming up is also a huge one, the development kit for players to build their very own content, such as maps, vehicles, and so on although they’re going to start with camouflages to see how it goes first. There will be a revenue sharing program where players will be able to sell their creations sharing a percentage with Gaijin. Developers hope this will be a nice incentive for players to make their own content and also great for the game as its content will increase exponentially.

New game mode called Racing mode where players will forget about weapons and just focus on piloting skills, there will be checkpoints in the shape of circles that they must pass through and the first one who crosses the line will be the winner as usual.

The developers also told us about new groundbreaking features that were needed in the genre to explain the mechanics behind shooting and deflecting bullets. The armor preview will allow players to watch the armor of their tanks so they can avoid exposing the weakest parts, while the x-ray kill camera will show with all the details how the bullet pierces through the hull and what it hits, including splash damage once inside the cabin.

The last feature will impact the gameplay heavily, and we’ve been told this is a long-term goal, destructible environments are the key to realistic historical combat, players will be able to destroy buildings and other assets with their powerful guns, this of course will require revisiting all maps to check for possible exploits or loss of balance when this happens, so it will take time, but they’re working on it.

Last but not least, we also recorded some gameplay footage of War Thunder played on Oculus Rift. Watch it right now:


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