The Oriental Assassin joins Conquer Online


Netdragon just released the new sneaky class for its free-to-play 2.5D MMORPG Conquer Online. The Oriental Assassin is an expert killer who uses deadly daggers to hunt the empire's rebels like Ninjas, Monks, Trojans.

This is the perfect class for players who love ranged combat and like to have a strong single-target DPS without giving up AOE power. The Oriental Assassin has 6 skills that will require the player to put some tought and strategies in their PvP fights.

Path of Shadow (Transformation Skill)
With CO's alternate equipment feature, an Archer can equip two sets of weapons (bow and throwing knife) at the same time. When switching to the throwing knife, an Archer can transform into the deadly Oriental Assassin, gaining new skills and becoming much stronger in PvP battles.

Blade Flurry (XP Skill)
The most attractive skill that boosts an assassin's speed, and gives them the ability to throw spinning daggers in all directions, causing damage to all targets around them.

Spirit Focus
After channeling their energy for 5 seconds, an Oriental Assassin's Attack Power will be enhanced, allowing attacks to threaten the strongest enemies! If you see a seemingly sleeping assassin in CO, don't chuckle to yourself! You might just be the next victim!

Mortal Wound
With their speed and agility, the assassin quickly throws several knives at the vital areas of a target, inflicting serious damage. Following Spirit Focus, this skill can help you kill an enemy in a flash, making the Oriental Assassin a terrifying foe.

Kinetic Spark
This skill can help an Assassin attack groups of multiple enemies that try to surround them. Using their inner power to charge their knives, the thrown blades have a chance to shatter when hitting an enemy, causing damage to those foolish enough to stand around it.

Blistering Wave
The major AoE skill of the assassin, and a very useful skill for frontal assaults, magically heated knives are thrown in an arc, scorching all targets standing in their path.

Dagger Storm
The Oriental Assassin's other powerful AoE skill, the assassin brings down a rain of daggers and inflict continuous damage to anyone within range. It is especially useful in group combat and guild wars.

Source of informations: Netdragon press release


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