Conquer Online videos


  • Conquer Online Runes Expansion Free Gift Pack Giveaway
  • Conquer Online Runes Expansion will be released in February, the power of mystic runes will bring tremendous change to CO world! To celebrate the release of new expansion. Conquer Online team join hands with to provide wonderful gift packs for new players to challenge numerous...
  • New Looks Coming for All Classes in Conquer Online
  •   Conquer Online will receive a new content update in September introducing new looks for all classes, new skills, new NPCs and new bosses to fight. A new video gives us a first glimpse of the new content coming in a few months. Watch it below. Stay tuned if you want to know more.
  • New Conquer Online Expansion Unveiled
  •   Conquer Online's next expansion, "Might of the Shadow Fan" will be released on January 12, introducing a brand new class, a redesigned UI, new control skills, redesigned characters and new maps. The new class, the 'Windwalker' will feature a new gameplay mechanic: dual-role. When...