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Conquer Online

Conquer Online is a Free-to-Play MMORPG


Conquer Online is a free to play 2.5D MMORPG set in the world of the ancient China with multiple versions in 10 different languages. The game has a straightforward combat-focused play style, incorporating common elements of many MMORPGs such as wealth, fame and character development. Its combat is fast paced and fluid, offering a myriad of PvP options. Conquer Online is then a Cross-platform MMO.


There are 14 classes (Oriental assassin will be added soon), each one with a unique set of skills and powers. In addition, characters can also join various sub-classes and receive different bonus effects.

  • Warrior - The warriors are adept in the use of weapons and always wearing heaviest armors. They are the only class who can equip shields for bonus defense.

  • Ninja - Ninjas are the fastest class with the most devastating attacks, but the lowest defense and health of all. The ninja is an expert of stealth, specialized in guerrilla warfare. Relying on agility and reflexes, ninjas frown upon the use of heavy armors.

  • Trojan - The Trojan is an all-out offensive melee combat class. Wielding their dual weapons, they charge fearlessly into combat. However, Trojans have low defense compared to Warriors, so have to be careful when taking on mobs of enemies, as they can be overpowered by numerous opponents.

  • Archer - Archers are the ones who struggle with bows to be the masters of them. They are not only proficient in attacking enemies from a distance but also shooting multiple targets.

  • Monk - They are dedicated martial artists who have honed their bodies and mind to become fierce hand-to-hand combatants. Apart from their martial prowess, they are also masters of the spiritual realm, capable of relieve teammates of adverse statuses.

  • Taoist - There are two different Taoist: fire and water. The Fire Taoists are able to learn a wide selection of devastating skills and magic, and proved to be the most dangerous magic-users. The Water Taoists are peaceful and conservative in comparison to the Fire Taoists. This allows them to study a range of magic skills which can heal, cure or revive other players.

  • Pirate - Pirates are coming on their ships; rapiers and pistols are their weapons. Experience helps them grab more stuff from enemies, but only half PK points will be received.

  • Oriental Assassin - The Oriental Assassin is very unique as a long-range class, attacking their enemies from a distance with stealth and their deadly throwing knives. Assassins have a unique combat style and transformation ability.


When there are no new skills left to learn, no regions left to conquer and no monsters left to challenge, it is time to be reborn. Rebirth is like reincarnation. Your character is born again as whatever class you like. However, memories of previous life linger, granting you additional powers, skills and abilities from your old class.

Reborn characters are much more powerful than newborns, with more Battle Power, higher abilities, better skills and visual glamour.


Players on Conquer Online can kill as many other players as they like in Conquer. However, if they get caught by the guards they'll be imprisoned. There are regular player killing competitions and an arena in several cities.

The users can PK in the jail without PK Points increasing. Also they won’t lose EXP, or drop any equipped equipment and valuable items in the inventory.

Black name players will be put into this jail when they die. They have to pay Warden 500,000 silvers to get out of Jail.


Conquer system has been designed to encourage higher leveled players to assist beginners in starting out. The higher players are rewarded for this assistance by gaining a form of currency called ‘virtue points’ – or VPs – which can be exchanged for items from an NPC.

The amount of virtue points gained shows how many the player has according to the level of the beginner — a higher level gives more VP, since it takes more time to achieve the next level. While players may receive experience points by being power-leveled, they do not receive any skills or weapon proficiency.


This allows players to get a higher level player, called a Mentor, to help them with Battle Power, thus making the player stronger. When the Apprentice levels on their own, the Mentor can “claim” an additional portion of exp that the Apprentice gains during their activity online. This is another way of encouraging higher level players to help beginners, and for beginners to get a head start on their adventure.


The Dragon Chi, Phoenix Chi, Tiger Chi and Turtle Chi represent four kinds of locked elemental power. When players reach Level 110 of their 1st rebirth, they are able to unlock the Chi power.

After unlocking a Chi power, 4 attributes with a random type and effect will be attached to that Chi. Different Chi powers may have the same type of attribute, while one Chi power must have four different attributes. The attributes can be replaced with new ones by studying with Chi Points. There are 13 types of Chi attributes.


CO offers a complex mount system where you can breed new mounts. Each mount has attributes, including the Lineage Level, Lineage, Physical Attack, Magic Attack, HP, Speed, and Vigor.

Players also are able to fight on horseback.


Dragon Balls are magical items that players can buy, which give their character an advantage in the game. Dragon Balls can be used to level up, become more skillful, enchant your equipment, and much more.

Dragon Balls can be bought with TQ Points.


Players who credit TQ Point Cards will be able to enjoy VIP Services. Through different levels, VIP players will enjoy different benefits, like –for example–: Gain an extra 10% Blessing time when using a Praying Stone, Offline Training is extended to 17 hours, Gain an extra 30 chances to play the Lottery, everyday; Add a maximum of 80 friends, Buy VIP Hairstyles and Furniture, No restrictions on using Penitence Amulets; and many more.

Developer: TQ Digital Entertainment

Platform: Windows, Mac and iPad


OS: Windows 98 / 2000 / ME / XP / Vista / iOS / Mac - Multipratform MMORPG
CPU: 800 MHz Intel Celeron or equivalent AMD Processor
RAM: 128 MB Memory
HDD: 1.0 GB Free
Graphics Card: Any DirectX 8.1 or higher compliant VGA Card

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