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  • New Looks Coming for All Classes in Conquer Online
  •   Conquer Online will receive a new content update in September introducing new looks for all classes, new skills, new NPCs and new bosses to fight. A new video gives us a first glimpse of the new content coming in a few months. Watch it below. Stay tuned if you want to know more.
  • New Conquer Online Expansion Unveiled
  •   Conquer Online's next expansion, "Might of the Shadow Fan" will be released on January 12, introducing a brand new class, a redesigned UI, new control skills, redesigned characters and new maps. The new class, the 'Windwalker' will feature a new gameplay mechanic: dual-role. When...
  • F2PMeter: Is Conquer Online Truly Free to Play?
  • We’re putting Conquer Online through its paces as it goes head to head with the F2PMeter. Perfectly calibrated by our scientific minds over at, this test gives us a readout as to how free to play a game truly is as we ask it a bunch of question. For this free to play MMORPG set...


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