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  • New Conquer Online Expansion Unveiled
  •   Conquer Online's next expansion, "Might of the Shadow Fan" will be released on January 12, introducing a brand new class, a redesigned UI, new control skills, redesigned characters and new maps. The new class, the 'Windwalker' will feature a new gameplay mechanic: dual-role. When...
  • F2PMeter: Is Conquer Online Truly Free to Play?
  • We’re putting Conquer Online through its paces as it goes head to head with the F2PMeter. Perfectly calibrated by our scientific minds over at, this test gives us a readout as to how free to play a game truly is as we ask it a bunch of question. For this free to play MMORPG set...
  • New Content coming to Conquer Online
  •   A new expansion is coming to Conquer Online in May. The CO team has just announced that the first big expansion of 2015 will be called Taoist Ascending and it will introduce to the game new skills and a new epic weapon. Taoists are one of the most popular classes in the game and...


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