The Monk Awakes Today in Conquer Online

The Monk Awakes Today in Conquer Online

The Awakening of the Monk expansion arrives today in Conquer Online, introducing a brand new weapon for the monk class, the Divine Pillar, three epic skills and a month of extra rewards for those playing with a monk.

Only those monks who complete some challenging quests will be able to upgrade their weapons to the new Epic Weapon. Monks equipped with the Divine Pillar, a weapon that symbolizes power and strenght, will cause higher damage.

The update introduces three new skills for the Divine Pillar: Infernal Echo, Grace of Heaven and Wrath of the Emperor. Infernal Echo strikes the ground to randomly summon holly pillars that inflicts continuous damage. Grave of Heaven is a passive skill that increases Maximum stamina. And Wrath of the Emperor is a passive skill that causes damage on targets within a certain range.

In addition, during a month (between January 7th and February 7th), players will receive extra rewards in the Class PK War and in the Team PK Tournament. Monks also will be able to reset their daily quest once a day, free of charge.

The following video introduces the new Epic Weapon and the new monk skills:

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Source: NetDragon Press Release.

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