The Soviets Arrives to Heroes & Generals


The Soviet Union arrives today to Heroes & Generals as the third playable faction with the Timoshenko update, named after the Soviet military commander Semyon Timoshenko. And as one could expect, they come along with new tanks, vehicles, weapons and many improvements to the game.

This update brings a complete rework of weapons. Reto-Moto have introduced a much easier way to see how modifications improve the weapons. Now all weapon upgrades work by modifying one or more of the following 5 categories: Range, Damage, Precision, Stability and Rate of Fire. They have retired the old system completely and give back the credits that players spent so they can get new upgrades within then ew system.


Heroes & Generals shot 1

Timoshenko update introduces as well a new feature called Resource Pooling. This new feature takes the resources brought to a battlefield and pool them, allowing players to spawn from all the Assault Teams present for which type they have characters. Talking about spawn, the game now features mobile spawn. Players can now choose to spawn in a vehicle that's already spawned thus saving time and resources.

Nevertheless, as we said early, the most important feature coming with this update is the Soviet faction. This new playable faction arrives with very iconic soviet weapons, such as the PTRD anti-tank rifle, and of course, tanks. The T-34 is considered to be the finest tank of the Second World War. And we are sure players will love the Josef Stalin (IS-2) heavy tank, a direct response tot he German heavy tanks during the war.


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