Seafight Winter Thaw

Seafight Winter Thaw
Seafight Winter Thaw

Bipoint with Seafight's a new Seafight Winter Thaw Event here on, Seafight event since 22th January.

They say that time and tide wait for no man, and Sigurd has returned to deal with the fallout from the Elements of Winter. Now, older, wiser – but no less grumpy – he understands the cycle of the world and what ails it and how to fix things. In battle!

As other forces strive to control and influence the future of the world, the Arbiter warns that a change is coming, a concept which is not only confirmed by the return of the Drakir, but the machinations of Roger Flynt!

Winter Thaw contains all you’ve come to expect of the event, plus a new quest line, Atlantis quests and some secrets that should never be told!

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Source: Bigpoint - Seafight

In Seafight players take control of their own ship as they make their way through 50 seas across four environments, which include arctic areas, tropical lands and lava filled zones. With a number of different ships available, and over 100 ship designs to choose from, it is an action packed MMORPG with constant creation of new levels, quests, weapons, pirates and millions of real-world players to oppose you at every turn.

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