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  • Zula Europe Goes Live
  •   After six month of Open Beta, the free to play first person shooter Zula moves to its next stage: release. The game is now ready and available to all players. During the open beta more than 400.000 users have registered, and more than 150.000 players have enjoyed the game monthly. From...
  • Zula Free Items Giveaway
  •   This week we are giving away free items for Zula, IDC/Games' newest free to play first person shooter. Grab a code and simply follow the instructions to redeem it. Each code provides with the following items: - Hunter Knife, 2 days - Bullet proof vest 5%, 2 days - MPT-76 Samba,...
  • First Impressions on Zula
  •   We checked out the new free to play first person shooter from IDC/Games, Zula, a modern day themed title with two fictional factions battling against each other across the world in team based PVP matches across a handful of game modes and over a dozen maps. Putting a few hours into...


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