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Zula is a free-to-play FPS (first person shooter) in which players go head to head in team focused matches battling across a variety of maps and battle modes with various characters. It features fully customizable weapon loadouts, clan battles and more. Play Zula on PC or Steam here on F2P.com


- 16 Available characters
- Five game modes
- Multiple maps inspired by real world locations
- 150+ Weapons and items
- Fast paced gameplay
- Free to play


The game focuses on team based matches and fast paced first person shooter gameplay, players must learn to master the different game modes and many maps as they earn XP to level up their account which will unlock access to new weapons and gear as well as the currency needed to buy them. Players can focus on climbing the ladder to increase their rank as well as Clan based battles on separate clan servers.


Players can access over 150 different items, weapons, armor and gear that can be customized and added to four different loadouts that players can switch between at each death-respawn in a match. Loadouts consist of one main weapon (Automatic rifles, Shotguns and Sniper Rifles), a pistol, melee weapon (knives and axes) and different types of grenades (Flash, Frag and Smoke). Numerous addons can be equipped such as armor to defend from damage, boosters such as XP bonuses, as well as different trait items that can improve speed, reload times and magazine capacity, or even an item to speed up C4 disabling in Sabotage game mode.

Items are purchased either with Zula Points (ZP), the standard in-game currency, or Zula Gold (ZG), the premium cash purchased currency. Items purchased with ZP typically have a level requirement, whereas ZG premium purchases offer high level weapons without an account level requirement. Some items can be upgraded through the crafting Upgrade system, using various materials (Iron, Chrome or Titanium), which will in turn improve the items and their stats.


Battles are extremely fast paced and skill based relying on players to manually aim at their targets, dealing damage on accurate hits and instant kills from head shots. Kills grant an in-match achievement with double, triple kills, and titles such as Butcher and Serial killer for consecutive kills on enemies.


Zula offers five different game modes with teams able to hold up to 8vs8 battles:

Deathmatch – Every man for himself, fighting to earn either the required target number of kills or the most kills in the specified time limit; when a player is killed they respawn after a few seconds to jump back into the match

Team Deathmatch – As above but the players are divided between two teams

Sabotage – A bomb plant game mode where one team must plant a C4 bomb at one of two locations whilst the defending team must stop them; if the attackers manage to detonate the bomb or kill all the defenders they win the game

Wanted – One person is marked as the “Wanted” character and everyone else is on the same team, until someone kills the character and they become “Wanted”, players earn points the longer they remain the “Wanted” target

Capture the Flag – Both teams must try and capture the enemy team’s flag and return it to their own, which they must simultaneously try to defend; the team that captures the most flags in the time limit wins


Players can earn extra Zula Points and XP from different missions in the game, ranging from multiple Daily, Weekly and Monthly missions that players can work towards. These individual missions range from completing a specific game mode a certain number of times, or killing a set number of enemies with a particular weapon. Weekly then Monthly missions are similar to Daily mission but have a much higher total requirement. Daily, Weekly and Monthly missions all have a mission card, which consists of all the available quests of that type (e.g. all the Daily quests), which is complete grants players extra currency and even some items.


O/S: Windows 7, 8 or 10
CPU: Pentium 4, 2.4GHz or Athlon XP 2500+
Video: Intel HD
Direct X: 9.0c

GENRE: Free to play FPS
DEVELOPER: MadByte Games


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