RIFT’s Latest Update Now Available: Celestial Storm

Rift Free to Play MMORPG
RIFT's Latest Update Now Available: Celestial Storm


RIFT just received a new free content update introducing four new classes, a new zone, new quests and the new raid rifts. Additionally, with the release of this update, the latest expansion, "Prophecy of Ahnket" is now free for all players. Watch the launch trailer below.

Celestial Storm adds for new classes:

- Primal Lord, a damage dealer who can summon beasts to help in battle.
- Farseer, an aoe healer that can adjust the flow of time to help the group.
- Mystic, a support class that can buff and empower allies.
- Predator, a stealthy damage dealer who turns invisible and attacks really fast.

And that's all. RIFT is celebrating Summerfest starting today. Players will be able to enjoy the traditional world mission chain and earn special themed rewards, such as unique weapon skins or the new butterfly wings.

Watch the video:

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