Rift Will Get New Souls

Rift Free to Play MMORPG
For the very first time since the game's launch, a new calling is coming to Rift: the Primalist. Trion announced it at Gamescom along with a new video in which some developers show the new souls that players will be able to choose.

The six souls for the Primalist are: the Vulcanist, a range single-target dps; the Berserker, a melee aoe dps; the Typhoon, a range aoe dps; the Titan, a tank; the Dervish, a sustained melee dps; and the Preserver, a healer.

Update 3.4 will also introduces to the game an all-new expedition zone, a new raid, a new dungeon and more content that will unveil soon. We'll know more, so stay tuned.

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