RIFT: The Good & The Bad

RIFT: The Good & The Bad
RIFT: The Good & The Bad


RIFT is a free to play fantasy MMORPG set in a world of magic and monsters. Players can choose from a variety of races and dozens of different character class types, engage in multiple PVP and PVE features and enjoy all the staples of a traditional quest based MMORPG. Released in 2011 the game has many great and poor qualities that it has accrued over the years.


6 Playable Races - There are six customizable races including those original to the world of Telara, each race has its own unique racial traits for extra boosts.

5 Callings with 46 Souls - There are five core classes to the game (Mage, Cleric, Warrior, Rogue and Primalist) and between them 46 unique specializations that give different abilities that define the souls playstyle.

Chronicles - Raid-style dungeons that can be completed by one or two players, making end game epic story content available to everyone and every character feeling like a true hero.

Zone Invasions - When a rift opens and the enemies pour from it players will have to react and defeat them otherwise they destroy strongholds and NPCs if left to run rampant.

Dimensions -Player and guild owned instances where players can craft their own environments and locations from items and building blocks that they have acquired.

PVP - Instanced PVP Battlegrounds as well as player created PVP Dimensions, PVPVE Conquest battles with three rival factions, open world PVP on dedicated PVP servers and lots of rewards to earn.


End Game Grind - Whether doing the same daily and weekly quests and the same dungeons to get Marks or gear, the content is very repetitive and needs to be done A LOT in order to get what you want; very tedious.

Pay-2-Play Elements - Ranging from a paid for earing slot and locked equipment (even for Patron subscribers) the game isn't so subtle about the paid advantages and subsequent devastating grind for F2P players.

Uninspiring - The game feels very generic, whilst everything it does, from features, graphics and environments it does fairly well, there's very little that stands up and feels truly innovative.

Broken Content - The game has serious issues when new content is released, broken boss mechanics and features, often feeling a little rushed and untested.

Imbalanced PVP - Some Souls are way too overpowered, particularly ranged classes due to being weaker in PVE and buffed, making playing melee spec fairly pointless.

Pre-requisites - There are too many hoops to jump through before you can use top gear; different currencies, faction notoriety, resources/materials as well as needing them in abundance.

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