RIFT Steam’s 20th Anniversary

RIFT Steam’s 20th Anniversary
RIFT Steam’s 20th Anniversary Celebrations

Players can enhance the Telaran adventure with seven days of Patron, their very own Arclight Rider and discounts galore

Heroes of Telara, it’s time to celebrate Steam’s 20th Anniversary with a host of offers and discounts here on RIFT.

From September 12, 2023, to September 26, 2023, all players who log in to RIFT will be granted seven days of Patron, an optional subscription that offers numerous in-game perks, and an Arclight Rider, ready to take them anywhere on their Telaran adventures.

In addition, all players will benefit from an XP boost, adding that little extra to RIFT endeavours until September 19.

But that’s not all. All credit bundles obtained in-game and on Steam are now available at a 50% discount, with credits allowing players to obtain several useful items from the in-game store, such as the Level 65 Character Pack and several Greater and Transcended vials that grant amazing boosts.

The following items are also available at a discount in the RIFT Steam store:

• RIFT: The Rising Storm Power Pack
• RIFT: Ascended Essentials Pack
• RIFT: Glory of the Ascended Pack
• RIFT: Laethys' Indulgence Power Pack
• RIFT: 1-Month Patron Pass
• RIFT: 12-Month Patron Pass
• RIFT: Laethys' Fortune Pack
• RIFT: Upgrade Bundle Pack
• RIFT: Classic Collector's Pack

Players have until September 19,2023, 11AM UTC to catch these deals, so don’t delay Telarans.

Commenting on RIFT’s involvement in Steam’s anniversary celebrations, Kayly Ginsberg, Head of Marketing (PC & Console), said: "Steam has played an integral part in the RIFT journey over the past ten years and we are thrilled to be included in the 20th anniversary celebrations.

“The community of Steam players has always been supportive of RIFT and we look forward to them continuing their Telaran adventures with us for many years to come."

With Steam’s anniversary celebrations and RIFT’s ten year Steam birthday coming up in October, it’s the perfect time to delve into the magical world of Telara. Play RIFT now on Steam.

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