Rift Dives Into the Wilds

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Rift's biggest update since launch, Into the Wilds, goes live today, introducing a brand-new class, a new zone, a new dungeon, a new warfront mode, new crafting varieties and UI improvements. Read below and watch the trailer to know more.

For the very first time, this update brings to the game an all-new calling: the Primalist, available via The Wilds pack or the Primalist Calling pack in the Rift store.

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The new area, Planetouched Wilds, is a zone stolen away from Telara for decades and recovered through the magic of the Infinity Gate. It includes the new dungeon: Rhaza'de Canyons, an immense network of canyons that contain the ruins of Rhaza'de.

And finally, the new warfront mode: Assault on Bronze Tomb. In this new mode, players get to either loot or protect as teams of mercenaries seek to control the tomb.

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Source: Trion Press Release.

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