Rift Descends Into Madness

Rift Free to Play MMORPG

Echoes of Madness arrives in Rift bringing new content, a fully re-built 20-player raid and huge upgrades to the wardrobe system and the Instant Adventures. The new raid, Hammerknell debuts with a new level of difficulty (increased to 65) and reimagined incarnations of its legendary foes. Watch the trailer below.

In the weeks following this update, new Instant Adventures will open the halls of Hammerknell to all players. Instant Adventures will now include better scaling and pacing, fewer Zone Event distractions and Notoriety token rewards that players can redeem with any faction.

With the updates to the wardrobe system, players will now be able to save the appearance of all of the items they acquire, allowing them to use the items whenever they like in a range of personal styles and looks. And there are more updates planned for future, such as sets, linking, and previewing.

Watch the frailer for Echoes of Madness:


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