RIFT 15 days of free Patron status

RIFT a15 days of free Patron status
RIFT 15 days of free Patron status

RIFT offers 15 days of free Patron status to all new and returning audiences!

This is a great time for players to jump into the MMO RIFT. From tomorrow running through until March 8th, players who log into RIFT will receive 15 days of Patron Status – starting from the day of the login. Additional bonuses that come along with this are as follows:

• BONUS EXPERIENCE - 40% XP boost helps players level up faster, up to level 60. There is also the option to toggle this off for a more relaxed experience.

• OVERLORD – Minions love a good Overlord, earning +5% XP on each of their ventures.

• MOUNTED COMMAND – Players can travel faster with +10% mount speed, +25% faster mounting, and a -5% chance of being dismounted.

• MARVELOUS LUCK – Players are rewarded with an increased chance for marvelous loot from supply loot crates.

• PATRON FAST PASS – Players have the ability to teleport on the move without the use of a Porticulum once every 30 minutes, no matter where on the map they are.


In addition to the above, RIFT players can also indulge in the following server events.

• 24/2 – 27/2, players can enjoy +50% Dungeon Currency bonuses.

• 3/3 – 6/3, players can multiple their Planarite by +50%.

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Source: Gamigo Group - Trion Worlds - RIFT.

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