Nightmare Tide Second Expansion for Rift


Rift gets its second expansion today, the first since 2012's Storm Legion. Nightmare Tide, as it's been titled, takes players into the Plane of Water where players will face nightmares threatening the existence of Telara. New open-world zones, story quest-lines, dungeons, a new rift type, increased level cap...

Nightmare Tide is an answer to our fans who have wondered what lies beyond the rifts and where planar terrors come from,” said RIFT executive producer, Bill Fisher. “We’ve expanded the lore of RIFT, allowing players to dive into dynamic adventures and team up with other Ascended to test their mettle in new planar dungeons, rifts, raids, and more.

Watch the launch trailer right here:

Some great features coming with this expansion:

Nightmare Rifts - new rifts that offer progressive challenges and greater rewards.

Mastery Abilities - New mastery abilities, five more levels and expansion recipes to advance crafting skills and create new gear.

Legendary challenges - Six new dungeons (Nightmare Coast, Gyel Fortress, Citadel of Insanity, Glacial Maw, expert Iron Tomb and expert Empyrean Core) and a Chronicle, Shadow from Beyond, for groups of two players.

Raid Rifts - Two nightmare raid rifts: 10-man Rhen of Fate and 20-man Mount Sharax.

Minions - Players will now be able to recruit and command a host of minions to complete tasks and seek out treasures.

Mentoring - Expanded mentoring system so players can quest with friends of any level.


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