New Light Tanks in Heroes & Generals

Heroes & Generals has received another update: Zhukov, named after one of the most notable generals of World War II - Georgy Konstantinovich Zhukov. It introduces new light tanks, new camouflage for these tanks, the new Soviet BA-6 scout car to match the German and US counterparts, a new weapon and a new iteration of the Depot map, tweaked and improved.

This update improves the light-tank gameplay by adding two new vehicles: the Soviet T-70 and the German Pz. II Ausf. L. “Luchs” light tanks. These two excel as fire support units. Furthermore, some light tanks (including these two) can now be upgraded with camouflage.

Zhukov also introduces for all Soviet soldiers the Nagant M1985 revolver, an extensively used 7-shot revolver that saw service with the Russian Imperial Army and later the Red Army.

Finally, this update brings an improved version of the Depot map. To prevent spawn suppression, the terrain features have been slightly altered, and the spawn areas have been moved further away from the action at the center of the map. But that's not all: an underground tunnel system has been added to expand the capture zone.

Watch the video below to learn more.

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Source: Reto-Moto Press Release.

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