Conquer Online, Invasion of Pirates expansion exclusive review

Conquer Online, Invasion of Pirates expansion exclusive review

We talked some months ago about Conquer Online and its Facebook version but it's now time to talk about his latest expansion, called Invasion of Pirates, that will reach the official servers next 11 january.

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We had the possibility to try in the server test a lot of features that will be present in this big update, first of all the Pirate Class. We can offer to all our reader this preview, where we'll talk about the main features of this expansion and the Pirate Class.

This new class will let the player to try a type of gameplay that they have never seen in Conquer Online. With the Pirate Class they can try both melee and ranged gameplay moods. Pirates can use fireweapons, knifes and swords.

Pirates will be the most deadly class in PvP, thanks to his powerful mix of melee and ranged skills. There will be also a lot of new skills and the combat system is really dynamic, thanks to the new combo system. Also, Conquer Online will have a lot of new feature about his PvP system and the developers have fixed a lot of bugs and stability issues and modified the UI.

The classic gameplay of Conquer Online will remain the same and can be played by casual and hardcore gamers, that are used to play a lot of hours a day. The newbie quests are very well done and they are really useful to learn the first gameplay rules of Conquer Online.

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The social part of this MMORPG is really important, because there are a lot of feature that help players to know better and interact each others. There is also a completely integrated Facebook version and a stand-alone one, with his own client.

From a technical point of view Conquer Online has a really good graphic engine, even if the 2.5D graphic engine works with all the low and medium setting computers around, let the game works on all Pcs.

Invasion of Pirates seems to be a really good expansion and will bring a lot of new players inside the game. The old players will be really happy about the new Pirate Class and all the PvP and PvE features and there will be aviable also a lot of new sets and items.

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