Innogames has presented its upcoming strategic browser game Forge of Empires

InnoGames has officially announced the launch of their new strategic browser game Forge of Empires.

Players will have the chance to build and lead an entire empire through the centuries and write the history of mankind.

“Forge of Empires is InnoGames’ most elaborate in-house production so far”, says Eike Klindworth, Co-founder of InnoGames. “Our requirements in terms of graphics, gameplay and technical quality of the game could not have been higher – and we are very impressed by the results. As with Grepolis and Tribal Wars, we aim to provide a satisfying and long-lasting experience to players, although the gameplay hugely differs from the previous games.” Combat between armies takes place on a Hexfield battleground, so that players can directly control the outcome of their conflicts. “The game allows for a huge number of tactical options, and will keep even advanced strategists engaged for a long time”.

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