Huge Content Update for War Thunder

War Thunder is a free-to-play, cross-platform, massively multiplayer military masterpiece with millions of fans worldwide, that allows players on PC, PlayStation®4, Xbox One, Mac and Linux

Update 1.45, code named Steel Generals, arrives to War Thunder today, introducing to the game a slew of new and improved features, including new maps, new armored vehicles and aircraft, an improved damage model, a tow cable system and reworked Artillery Strikes.

The biggest addition to War Thunder with this update is the beta of the Steel Generals expansion, which includes the first six American tanks available now. By the end of Q1 2015, more than 30 US WWII tanks will be available.

Check out the following video to know more:

"We're happy to release the update before the holidays to give our players plenty of time to try out the new features. The Steel Generals closed beta and Q1 rollout plan will guarantee that by the time the tanks reach the majority of players, they will be optimized for the epic battle experience that our fans have come to expect," said CEO of Gaijin Entertainment, Anton


In honor of the update launch, special packages are available for purchase that contain premium US tanks and other bonuses. And if you want to know more about War Thunder, click on the "info" button below.


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