Heroes & Generals Releases The Medic Update

First Look at Heroes & Generals
Heroes & Generals Releases The Medic Update

Heroes & Generals has just received a new content update introducing "medics". Players can now equip first aid kits and medic pouches to treat wounded teammates or heal theirselves during battle. If they wish to, by equipping multiple healing packs and minimal weaponry, they can totally play as a medic.

Both the first Aid Kit and medic puch are available for all soldier types and all factions.

“Soldiers who know how to effectively utilize a First Aid Kit on the frontline will provide a major tactical advantage to their teams,” says Jacob Andersen, Game Director at Reto-Moto: “First Aid Kits have been one of the most requested features among the community, and we are happy to finally have them in Heroes & Generals.”



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