Heroes & Generals Introduces a New Hit Detection System


Spaatz #2 update brings to Heroes & Generals a rewritten and optimized server-side hit detection system, the ability to play both factions in staged battles, and the long-requested from the community option to use toggle instead of hold for many actions.

From now on, if you wish to take a break from the challenging 'war battles', you may now play 'staged battles' with a soldier from a faction of your choice independently of your faction allegiance in the war you participate in. The staged battles are evenly balanced in terms of resources and are disconnected from the war, so the outcome of these battle will not influence the war.

Regarding the new hit detection system, it's well known that in Heroes & Generals every kill and the result of every single battle can have a direct influence on the progression of an overarching war with thousands of players, which makes server-side hit detection, where an impartial server determines and validates all kills, the most fair and appropriate choice for the game instead of the more commonly used client-side hit detection used by many other shooters.

"Improved hit detection has been on the top of our community's wish-list, so we have been working on a complete re-factoring of this for quite a while. We now believe that we have a fast, reliable, fair and cutting edge server-side hit detection system that supports Heroes & Generals in standing out as a truly unique wargame for gamers who want a deeper shooter-experience than simply playing one purpose-less match after the other in a standard map-rotation setup." said Game Director, Jacob Andersen and continues:

"The community feedback on the new hit-detection system is extremely positive, and we even had one player who wanted us to go back to the old system because he felt that the new system is too accurate as he is 'way too old to compete with the twitch kiddie generation'. We actually take that as a compliment and as a sign that we have done something right!"

In a special community vlog, known youtuber Luftangreifer gives a tour to the features brought with the latest content update. Check it out:


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