Heroes & Generals Introduces Mobile Anti Air Guns

Heroes & Generals Introduces Mobile Anti Air Guns

Heroes & Generals releases a new update, "Adams", removing the backpacks from all characters to avoid clipping and introducing Mobile Anti-Air guns for all factions, a new skin to the US Half-track and updates to the Town map.

This update also includes several refinements to the gunplay, improving hip fire mechanics. Furthermore, cone fire has been updated for a tighter and more intuitive experience.

As always, Reto-Moto has published a new video overviewing the update. You can watch it below.

Mobile AA guns are a completely new type of vehicle available for the Infantry soldier. All 3 factions have access to their own ones, each with their own characteristics and traits. The vehicles are the German Sd.Kfz 7/1 with the infamous 20mm Flakvierling, the US M16 MGMC featuring 4 all-purpose .50 cal machine guns, and the Soviet GAZ-AAA M-4 Maxim armed with the reliable 7.62mm Maxim heavy machine gun in a quad configuration.

Watch the video:

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Source: Reto-Moto Press Release.

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